Lux Edition - An eyecatcher for the nose

Only a few things really catch our human's fancy but pictures and scents do so. They are emotional and attention-seeking. Everybody knows the quote: "to have a sixth sense" and "a picture is worth a thousand words".

To make a pleasant scent and a beautiful picture stay in your head, REIMA AirConcept GmbH, Meerane developed the "REIMAROM® Lux Edition", cutting-edge scent systems for industrial use with backlighted picture themes. The development was based on our proven and popular scent systems AromaStreamer 650 and AromaStreamer 750 with the actual neutral white design (front).

We have further developed this principle in our LED sales displays, such as the variable brochure stand AromaStreamer 1200, the advertisement-display AromaStreamer 1300 and the video-advertisement-display AromaStreamer 1400 model.

What makes the Lux Edition so very special is not only the new generation of professional scent systems combined with picture themes but also the 100 % even LED background lighting illuminating the picture all-over and hence making it to appear even nobler.

The harmonious arrangement of visual and olfactory elements enables to establish a better and more customer-oriented world of emotions, closely associated with you and your company. This emotional appeal intensifies perception and sentimental values and this can be a decisive competitive edge in the future.

Advertisement, scent and more ...

The scent displays are perfectly suitable as promotional items and also able to intense non-verbal communication. You can emotionally call attention to a special product group by using the right scent in combination with the corresponding picture.

For instance, a smell of tasty strawberries or an aromatic coffee scent together with the corresponding image do not only create an appetizing effect but complete the whole existing marketing concept.

Create your own scent system

Besides the nine standard picture themes (see below) you can create your own scent system with your favorite picture, for example a holiday picture or with your company's logo. You only have to consider that picture and scent should correspond to your company's image.

Send us your picture/theme or logo with minimum 300 dpi. The picture for the AromaStreamer 650 should have the dimensions 250 x 250 mm and for the AromaStreamer 750 it should have 320 x 320 mm. Once we have received your picture with the corresponding dimensions, it will be processed, printed and can be delivered within about 14 days together with the AromaStreamer. Please notice that pictures you designed yourself are excluded from exchange!


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